Recruitment that’s different

Traditional trial recruitment methods look for patients with a particular health condition who happen to live close to a specific clinical site. This is targeting a needle in a haystack. At SubjectWell, we engage the entire haystack – the 96% of people who have never participated in clinical trials.

Why it works


Most people are interested in participating in trials but don’t know how to get started or where to look for more information. SubjectWell addresses this problem by marketing across the entire population to introduce the notion of clinical trials.


We educate patients by providing a general overview of clinical trials participation. For those who are interested, we collect relevant personal and health information that is used by our engine to find matching trials in our marketplace.


When a potential trial match is found our system alerts the patient using a variety of contact methods that can include email, phone or SMS notifications. The interested patient then goes through an IRB approved pre-qualification process for the trial and is transferred directly to the site for a secondary phone screen and to set an in-office appointment time.

Easy process management


SubjectWell maintains communication with both the patient and site to ensure they remain in contact. We make it easy for both parties to know exactly where they are in the process and what the next steps are.


Site coordinators are automatically prompted to track patients in our system and real-time reports provide detailed insights for both sites and sponsors.  These let sponsors break down patient referral performance by site or trial.  Performance concerns can quickly be identified and isolated to a specific point in the enrollment process.

The advantage you need


SubjectWell’s technology takes trial‐and‐error out of finding the right candidates for studies across a range of chronic conditions. And there’s no risk – you only ever pay for patients who actually enroll in your trials.


Our technology boosts recruitment so you can finish studies faster, avoid missed deadlines, and be more successful with your trials.

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