Redefining recruitment for decentralized trials.

A patient-centric approach with massive reach.

Don’t start from scratch.

Successful patient recruitment for virtual and hybrid decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) requires a broad, geographically unrestricted approach. SubjectWell offers immediate access to tens of millions of patients worldwide who have already expressed interest in study participation and who have completed a comprehensive medical profile.

When using fewer or no sites in a decentralized trial, you don’t have time to start recruiting from scratch. Leverage SubjectWell’s expansive outreach and infrastructure to find, engage and educate potential patients. We’re already interacting with the patients you need.

Handheld to handoff.

Interest is not enough to ensure enrollment. Patients require support and handholding through the recruitment process – support that has traditionally been provided by sites. SubjectWell’s medically trained recruiters can step-in and shepherd patients through:

  • Multistep registration and consent processes
  • Transfers across multiple platforms and vendors
  • Technical support and direction for application installs

Risk-free results.

SubjectWell is committed to a performance-based pricing model. We are the only company to offer truly risk-free pricing: if the patient doesn’t randomize or progress to an endpoint that makes sense for your DCT, you pay absolutely nothing. With SubjectWell, you won’t find any setup charges or management fees, you’ll only ever pay for what you really want – patients.

Try our risk-free assessment.

With your protocol information, we’ll use real-world data to compile a complete and accurate assessment of how many qualified patients we can reach for your DCT.