Recruitment Agency Provides Full-Service Options

No two clinical trials are alike. Recruiting for any therapeutic area means supporting a trial’s unique needs with flexible, end-to-end services. SubjectWell’s in house ad agency creates modular solutions to support our sponsor and CRO partners with media planning, customized websites, healthcare professional referrals, digital marketing, pre-screeners, and more.

Any and Every Therapeutic Area

Rare disease, oncology, chronic and vaccine studies can benefit from our end-to-end recruitment services. We use hyper-targeted outreach across our marketplace, healthcare practices, patient societies, exclusive media network, and digital marketing to find patients even with rare and difficult to recruit for conditions.

Diverse Patient Populations

SubjectWell can help our sponsor and CRO partners meet FDA diversity recommendations with a suite of services that support representative populations in clinical trials, including:

Global Access, Local Execution

SubjectWell’s global infrastructure enables localized recruitment campaigns across six continents, by country, through native speaker translations, representative imagery, and compliance with regional data privacy and advertising regulations.

Patient-Centric, Data-Driven Web Design

Educate and motivate patients

We combine industry-leading creative with data-driven design to produce websites that inform and motivate visitors considering a new treatment into action.

Data-driven, patient-focused

Boost your website conversion rates with proven strategies for better performance.

Multi-Channel Digital Outreach

The right tool for your study

Filter your marketing options to the best fit for your study — social media, online communities, search marketing, healthcare professional outreach, email campaigns, and more.

Media planning

We’ll determine the optimal media strategy for your study, focused on driving the right traffic to your website, through the screening process, and to your clinical sites.

Ongoing, real-time testing

We adjust your digital media strategy based on real-time data for the most effective results.

HCP Referral Programs

Clinical trials for rare or serious conditions can leverage outreach to our Healthcare Professional (HCP) network to help refer qualified patients. SubjectWell’s patient access through this program makes it possible to find and educate patients with less prevalent conditions or unmet needs about your study.

Over 2.7 million diagnosing HCPs

Each doctor in our HCP network includes full contact profiles, their number of diagnoses per indication, specialties and geographic data.

Hyper-efficient targeting

We use diagnostic claims data to identify qualified HCPs based on patient volume in the desired indication, while contacting HCPs via flexible multi-channel content and conversion paths.

Full program tracking and analytics

Since we own the patient relationship from first click to referral, we can ensure optimal results by tracking and analyzing all aspects of the program.

Creative And Collateral

No matter the creative need, SubjectWell can provide meaningful, patient-focused, educational content that maximizes your program’s success.

Creative that supports the patient journey

Our customized content reflects the unique characteristics of each patient population and their clinical journey — learned through research and experience — maximizing response and trust while exceeding regulatory requirements.

Marketing materials for any asset or audience

Need patient collateral or a suite of investigator site materials to maximize onsite recruitment and retention efforts? With over 15 years of experience, we’ve gone beyond simple infographics and banner ads, including:

Hosted Online Pre-Screening

Pre-qualify your patients. We’ll create a short pre-screener based on the study protocol and get you prepped for IRB review.
No hosting? No problem. SubjectWell takes care of hosting the pre-screener and sends qualified patients directly to your sites or study website.
Lower volume, higher quality. Patients only receive a call if they meet criteria, sites receive only pre-screened referrals, and sponsors get more value from their budget.

Medically Trained Contact Center

SubjectWell’s in-house contact center is staffed by medically trained recruiters, that pre-screen and assist patients as they move through the recruitment process, offering special guidance for trials in English-speaking countries.

In addition to pre-screening, SubjectWell’s recruiters also:

  • Provide patient education
  • Facilitate extra screening
  • Provide warm transfers (handing off the patient directly to the site)
  • Follow up with patients within 24 hours of the initial pre-screening to schedule future appointments, up to six attempts at varying times
  • Request appointments on behalf of patients

Performance Portal™ Patient Tracking & Management System

Track patient progress in real-time through the funnel with a variety of custom reporting tools, all with built-in patient privacy and security protections.

For sites

Easily access key patient information, including all pre-screening data, to facilitate rapid follow-up and screening.

For sponsors

Discrete tracking capabilities help filter data by site, media, and study. Site response monitoring technology tracks one of the most important metrics: response time — helping maintain patient interest through quick responses.

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