Find the right patient at the right time.

Patients are often screened and do not meet all eligibility criteria, but may soon qualify — once their symptoms reoccur or their condition is in flare.

The technology behind our Virtual Waiting Room keeps patients engaged until those requirements are met. Plus, your recruitment stays efficient and effective, leveraging screening by both the technology platform and our medically trained recruiters.

SubjectWell’s Virtual Waiting Room captures status updates from patients and identifies WHEN they’re qualified.

Patients Opt-In from Sites and SubjectWell
Patients Receive Texts Gathering Symptom Updates
Patients Are Screened by SubjectWell to Confirm Qualification
Patients Are Referred to Sites When Ready for Enrollment

“Interested patients were placed in the VWR, checking for symptom recurrence and referring qualified patients to the study...ultimately delivering nearly a third of all randomizations and keeping the recruiting period well under a year.”

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Virtual Waiting Room Case Study

Monitor screened patients while reducing site burden.

Help sites avoid resource intensive follow-up with not yet qualified patients by using SubjectWell’s automated technology to capture status updates. Recoup your investment on patient recruitment and qualification while increasing the likelihood of randomization.

patients opt-in to VWR
of VWR patients qualify for referral to a site
of patients randomize from a VWR referral
of sites participate

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