The SubjectWell Difference

SubjectWell’s Guided Recruitment connects motivated, pre-qualified, and pre-screened patients directly to your study, breaking through your recruitment bottlenecks while reducing the burden on sites.

47% Patients Of Color

Enroll representative patient populations.

Quality Over

Lower referral volume means faster enrollment.

Powered by Proprietary Technology

Advanced machine learning connects patients to the right study.

Patient Screening

Patients are screened multiple times by our medically trained recruiters.

Patient Access

Start screening patients
in days, not weeks.

We already have the patients you need.

SubjectWell reaches the 91% of people who have never been asked to participate in clinical research, who are often motivated but unaware of their care options.

We use multiple unique channels to grow our marketplace of tens of millions of patients by 300,000 per month.

How It Works.

  1. Interested patients complete a short health profile and join our marketplace.
  2. Advanced machine learning searches for motivated patients and matches them with your study.
  3. Medically trained recruiters pre-screen patients to ensure study I/E criteria are met before referral.
  4. Reminders and patient education are provided until the site has scheduled the patient for their in-person screening. Leveraging this patient relationship like this delivers enrollment rates 3x to 5x higher than other vendors.
  5. SubjectWell’s concierge team stays in touch with the patient and the site, providing additional support and troubleshooting even after a patient is referred.

Analyze and Optimize.

At every point in the recruitment pipeline, SubjectWell supports sites, sponsors, and CRO partners with our Performance Portal. You’ll be able to track each patient’s progress through the enrollment flow and see the difference in SubjectWell’s recruitment while providing sites with powerful software for their enrollment.

To reduce site burden and streamline workflows, SubjectWell also integrates with several third-party recruitment and enrollment solutions, such as site CTMS systems, recruitment vendors, and others.

Results you can count on.

“The SubjectWell team helped manage our heavy
influx of referrals with hands-on assistance for our web portal. So many referrals randomized that recruitment ended six months earlier than we anticipated.”
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– Low Testosterone Study
“The study initially had a difficult time recruiting adolescent and child patients, but SubjectWell delivered over 40 randomizations in less than six months, including the entire winter holiday season.”
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– Child Eczema Study
“Even after extending a contract for 150% more randomizations, SubjectWell brought in such a high volume of referrals that the Sponsor team agreed to cover 5 more randomizations.”
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– Overactive Bladder Study
“After SubjectWell’s trial management team updated
the screener to clarify the patient’s symptoms and condition, the site screening pass rate improved by 20%.”
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– Sciatica Study

Know your cost-per-patient in advance.

We complete a two-week simulation of our actual recruitment efforts — speaking with real patients — to measure interest and qualification rates for your protocol.

The entire risk-free recruitment assessment and resulting proposal are provided by SubjectWell free of charge. We’ll share the data collected, along with the assumptions used to calculate:

  1. The distribution of your target patient population across participating countries
  2. The number of patients we expect to connect with and screen each month and their expected interest
  3. The simulated phone screening criteria, list of qualifying responses, and expected pass rate
  4. The rate of expected referrals per month
  5. The anticipated number of patients entering into screening per month
  6. The anticipated racial demographics
  7. The reported screen fail rate
  8. The number of potential randomizations per month
  9. The price-per-patient (randomization or referral)

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