Five Tips to Maximize Patient Recruitment Through Your Clinical Trial Website


Is your clinical trial website doing everything it can be doing to maximize patient recruitment? If it’s like the majority of sites, the answer is probably “no.” But you don’t have to settle for so-so when it comes to building a clinical trial website that not only reaches more potential participants, but also yields significantly higher conversion rates. Let’s take a closer look at five ways to take your clinical trial website to the next level while keeping costs in check.

1. Optimize Pre-Screening

An integrated online pre-screening mechanism saves time — both for the patient and investigators. As this is the patient’s first interaction with your trial, it’s essential that the process be clean, user-friendly, transparent and brief — but not too brief that an excess of candidates are pre-qualified, which can result in an over-crowded pipeline. Efficient pre-screening helps create qualified leads before any direct interaction with the investigator site.

2. Target Your Audience

The audience of a clinical trial for pediatric cancer will be very different than one on Alzheimer’s disease prevention. Are you pitching to older patients? Caregivers? A combination of several demographics? Both your content and how it is delivered should vary according to your target audience.

3. Provide a Call to Action

Without a clear understanding of next steps, visitors may simply navigate away. Don’t take that chance. Instead, offer a clear call to action — both above and below the fold. A hyperlinked, “Do you qualify?” call to action will boost click through rates. 

4. Work Your Analytics

Clinical trial marketers have access to more information than ever before thanks to advanced analytics. But if you’re not using these metrics to derive actionable insights about how to optimize your visitor traffic and engage participants, you’re missing out on a major opportunity. From average site visit times to frequent page views to where/when visitors are bouncing, all of this information helps you identify and deliver sought after user experiences while eliminating less successful elements.

5. Be Visible

If your clinical website isn’t visible in search engines, even interested, committed patients may not be able to find you. A mindful mix of organic and paid search opportunities is an effective way to drive traffic. The money you spend on this outreach will pay in in terms of more participants in your clinical trial.

As clinical trials continue to suffer from a dearth of participants,  patient recruitment is more critical than ever. These five tips can help you develop a patient-centric website that conserves online spend while enhancing clinical trial enrollment. 

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