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How to Boost Clinical Trial Recruitment with Long Tail Keywords

December 17th, 2019

Using the right long tail keywords can help sponsors and CROs drive clinical trial recruitment initiatives.

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How Sponsors and CROs Can Build Patient Trust in Clinical Trials

December 12th, 2019

By prioritizing informational content and embracing social media, sponsors and CROs can build lasting connections with patients.

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RWE Won’t Replace Clinical Trials – But It Can Improve Them

December 10th, 2019

Although real world evidence (RWE) is gaining steam in the healthcare industry, it doesn’t pose a threat to traditional clinical trials. Here’s what sponsors and CRO’s…

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What Sponsors and CROs Need to Know About iOS 13 and Mobile Ads

December 5th, 2019

Apple’s iOS 13 means changes for Facebook and Google advertising. Here’s how the updates will likely impact patient outreach for clinical trials.

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How Sponsors and CROs Can Make Clinical Trial Data More Accessible

December 3rd, 2019

Sponsors and CROs can improve patient centricity and boost clinical trial recruitment by developing better data-sharing practices.

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In Honor of World AIDS Day, Here’s How Clinical Trials Can Advance HIV Research

November 27th, 2019

Sponsors and CROs can support individuals impacted by HIV/AIDs by connecting HIV patients with potentially life-changing clinical trials.

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Should Sponsors and CROs Advertise Clinical Trials on TikTok?

November 26th, 2019

With the right approach, TikTok can build brand recognition and help new audiences, including potential patients, connect with clinical trials.

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How to Increase Clinical Trial Adherence with Patient Support Programs

November 21st, 2019

Successful clinical trials depend on patients carefully following their treatment plans, but it can be difficult for sponsors and CROs to ensure adherence. Here’s how support…

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Clinical Trial Patients Are Slow to Adopt New Technology – Here’s Why

November 20th, 2019

Advancements in digital technology have the potential to transform clinical trials. But some patients remain hesitant.

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Boosting Patient Outreach for Pancreatic Cancer Clinical Trials

November 14th, 2019

For Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, let’s take a look at how sponsors and CROs can connect patients to life-lengthening clinical trials.

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