March 14th, 2022

SubjectWell expands its proven marketplace to include non-small cell lung cancer trials

SubjectWell has been providing risk-free patient recruitment for 10 years, building awareness of the benefits of clinical research and offering choice to patients with chronic ambulatory health conditions by screening for multiple studies at once. And now we’re taking our marketplace one step further.

In February 2022, SubjectWell expanded our proven clinical trial marketplace to include oncology trials, starting with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC). The industry has seen the number of oncology trials grow by 50% over the past ten years, and one of the most common requests from our clients has been to support their oncology studies. With complicated protocols, targeted treatments and greater time sensitivity, recruitment for oncology trials is difficult. On top of that, oncology faces the same struggles as all clinical trials — a lack of general awareness and participation. With these challenges, it’s no surprise that less than 5% of eligible adults participate in clinical trials for oncology.

We’ve chosen NSCLC as the first oncology indication to include in our marketplace because of the sheer number of patients we can help. Lung cancer is the most common cancer worldwide, and over 500,000 Americans living today have been diagnosed with lung cancer at some point in their lives. And the vast majority of lung cancer diagnoses are NSCLC. By combining more than 200 existing and upcoming NSCLC clinical trials with our risk-free marketplace model uniquely designed to match patients with the right clinical trial, we provide unparalleled access for patients at various stages of their diagnosis. Due to our general awareness and educational outreach approach, NSCLC patients are already registering in our marketplace in search of options. Today, we can finally offer these patients the choice and support they need.

We know that oncology studies are a different beast, with unique challenges and characteristics that need to be approached with care. That’s why we’re providing additional guidance through the clinical trial enrollment process for oncology patients. And our concierge recruitment team will assist with medical record collection and biopsy tissue retrieval in order to make handing off referred patients to sites easier. If after additional screening at the site, the patient doesn’t qualify, SubjectWell will either connect the patient to another NSCLC study active within the marketplace or to an appropriate support organization.

Help us increase the level of choice for the thousands of NSCLC patients each month by including your NSCLC trial in our risk-free marketplace. Contact us at sales@subjectwell.com so we can complete a risk-free recruiting assessment of your protocol.

NSCLC is just the beginning of our efforts with oncology patient recruiting. We’re planning on expanding our oncology marketplace even further in the future, including other indications and new regions. After 10 years of smarter patient recruiting, we’re only just getting started.