Why Selecting the Right Digital Advertising Vendor Matters for Your Clinical Trial


The value of digital advertising in boosting patient recruitment for clinical trials is undeniable. However, not all digital advertising firms are created equally. Not only do digital advertising vendors have different degrees of experience when it comes to patient recruitment, clinical trials, and the field of healthcare in general, but finding a vendor with the proven ability to deliver results can make all the difference. Let’s take a closer look at how choosing the right digital advertising vendor can help you reach your clinical trial recruiting and enrollment goals, along with a few key things to look for during your search.

A Different Field of Expertise

While your current patient recruitment firm may be sufficient when it comes to your traditional advertising efforts, digital advertising is an entirely different animal. Not only is there a steep learning curve, but the digital landscape and advertising regulations are constantly changing. Choosing a specialist whose entire existence is aimed at keeping up with the latest digital advertising trends and applying them to your trial can help you produce the most meaningful results.  

However, expertise in clinical trials is just part of the equation. Vendors with additional experience in the more cutting-edge healthcare sector bring something very different to the table: the ability to quickly identify and implement the latest advertising and marketing technologies to help you get out and stay out in front of the curve. 

Comprehensive Capabilities

While your existing patient recruitment firm may have experience with search engine marketing and social media, it is unlikely to be more than limited. In order to maximize your marketing dollars, your digital advertising specialist must offer advanced, specialized, and in-depth knowledge that goes far beyond the basics. Familiarization with search engines, social sites, video advertising, and others are just the start. The most comprehensive digital advertising vendors will also be able to offer valuable insights into everything from CRM integration to website and landing creation. The result? The enhanced ability to drive everything from traffic to trial applications to enrollments through your recruiting website.

Evaluating Results

Media performance tracking yields actionable insights into where to best allocate your resources. But are those decisions yielding results in terms of ROI? Rather than simply accepting advertising vendor claims at face value or choosing one solely by their fees, delving deeper can deliver a different and more revealing picture.

For example, while a certain digital advertising vendor may cost more upfront, a subsequent reduction in media expenses can more than make up for initial fees. A comparison of vendor case studies can help you better understand cost savings, in order to make the more informed choice.

Ultimately, digital advertising as it applies to clinical trials, is anything but one-size-fits-all. Choosing the right digital vendor for your clinical trial can help you utilize best practices, incorporate the latest strategic advertising offerings, and build targeted online campaigns in order to optimize your engagement with potential participants.


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