Thank you for your interest in the Recruiter position at SubjectWell.

Instructions for Submitting Your Sample

  1. Please review this script before calling in.  You will be evaluated on your clarity, speed and tone.
  2. When you are ready, call +27 80 098 3938
  3. Before reading through the sample script state and spell your full name.
  4. Read through the sample script. When you are done, just hang up.

You will hear back from us within 3 business days to let you know whether you have been selected for an additional interview.

Hi, this is (your name) calling from Northwest Medical. Is this John Wilkerson?
I’ve found a few studies where you may receive compensation for your time and the study visits will be at no cost to you.
I just need to verify a few things with you which will take about 10 minutes and based on your responses I can put you in touch with the local clinic who will provide you with more details.
Let me start by verifying the information that I have is correct and this call is recorded for quality purposes.

I see that you are located in Sacramento, California with a zip code of 90044.
Your email address is John@gmail.com
Your year of birth is January 22nd, 1979.
Your height and weight are 6ft 6inches and 350 pounds.

Next, I am going to read over the list of additional medical conditions you have selected on our online form.

I see that you have selected the following conditions:
High Triglycerides

Okay, great! It does look like you pre-qualify for this study! What I will do is send your information over the doctors office. You should expect a call within the next 1-2 days.

It was nice speaking with you, have a great day!