Press Release - May 13th, 2020

SubjectWell Offers Researchers Registry of 10K+ Patients Willing to Participate in COVID-19 Research

Austin, TX, May 13, 2020 – As the pharmaceutical industry mobilizes at unprecedented speed to develop a COVID-19 vaccine, SubjectWell, the world’s largest marketplace for clinical trials, announced today it has developed a growing patient registry of individuals in the US interested in participating in clinical trials for a COVID-19 vaccine as these trials become more widely available. In just three weeks, 10,000 people from SubjectWell’s expansive patient network have already opted into the list, with approximately 70,000 individuals expected to register by the end of May.

“There is an extraordinary sense of urgency for the pharmaceutical industry to develop a safe, effective COVID-19 vaccine, and SubjectWell has proactively removed a large hurdle for our partners – access to interested patients and their medical information – as they prepare to kick off widespread COVID-19 clinical research,” said Ivor Clarke, CEO, SubjectWell. “As part of regular business operations, our recruiters speak with thousands of patients each day prescreening them against the eligibility criteria for multiple, Phase II-IV clinical trials. We’ve found that nearly 80% of these people also want to volunteer to help combat COVID-19. This unprecedented level of participation will allow our partners to combat COVID-19 with speed and efficiency.”

With SubjectWell’s COVID-19 patient registry, researchers will have access to interested individuals who could randomize for various types of trials, whether they are healthy volunteers with no previous exposure to COVID-19, currently sick with the virus, or who have recovered. Patient data includes general demographic information, existing medical conditions, past virus diagnoses, past exposure to the virus and results of positive antigen tests. By sidestepping the lengthy process of identifying participants for a clinical trial, the list will dramatically accelerate last patient in (LPI), which could ultimately bring a safe, approved vaccine to the general public faster.

In addition to continuing to recruit from those registered in their marketplace, SubjectWell is also giving the general public the opportunity to join the registry. Individuals interested in participating in upcoming COVID-19 clinical trial research can register at trialsearch.com/.  Organizations interested in enrolling patients into their COVID-19 related studies should email SubjectWell at covid19@subjectwell.com.

“While lack of awareness is typically the biggest challenge to enrolling patients in trials, the surge of 600 people joining our patient registry everyday points to growing understanding of the importance of clinical trial research,” said Ivor Clarke, CEO, SubjectWell. “We know randomizing patients quickly and efficiently is a constant challenge within the clinical trial industry, and we look forward to being part of the solution at a time when clinical research has never been more important.”

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Jillian Hammell, Crowley Webb for SubjectWell
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